August 25, 2011

78 Days There, 78 Days Here

Today marks the 78th day that Clara has been at home with us.  From here on out, she will have spent more time with us in our home than she did at Brenner Children's Hospital.  And that ratio is just going to keep getting smaller and smaller.  It's incredible to me how far she's come since those early days...

Clara on ECMO, day three of life

Clara, today.  Active, happy, and growing (slowly)...

We will be forever indebted to the incredible staff and facilities of the NICU and PICU at Brenner Children's hospital and are beyond thankful for all they did to ensure that we are here today.  But we're so very grateful that it's becoming a further and more distant memory, day by day.  Praise God for this incredible blessing. 


  1. These are such precious pictures! I continue to stand amazed at what God has done and will continue to do in the life of little Clara Mae - and through both of you, too! I know He is going to use you all in the lives of many people in the coming months and years.

  2. I love the giraffe outfit. It's amazing to see how far Clara has come. God bless you all.

  3. It is truely amazing to watch how far Clara has come.She is an amazing little girl who is loved by so many.

  4. Pictures are worth a thousand words !! Our GOD is awesome !


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