November 4, 2010


I know that you are all wondering what the update is and what is going on with us. Honestly, we don't have much of one. We've cried more tears, experienced deeper sadness and grief and grappled with more difficult questions the past few days than ever before in our lives. We have clung to each other with desperation and fear and our young marriage has been tested and found to be stronger than even we could have imagined. We have been surrounded and affirmed by friends and community far and wide and have savored each word of the emails, voice messages, text messages and more that have been sent our way. Your love for us is humbling and empowering and we are so very grateful for it.

We have had several more tests this week in an attempt to gather information and are awaiting results from those. Our doctors, especially Kerri Scherer - both friend and OBGYN, have moved mountains to get us in to see the right people in the right time. We've asked a million questions and have tried our best to sort through the answers amidst our emotional fog and grief.

We cling to hope, although we recognize that it takes on many forms and we continue to pray for miracles, even as we experience small ones each hour of every day now. Even in the midst of such a crisis we are able to count our many blessings and the ways that our God is caring for us and providing for us. Our lives have been forever changed this week and we will never see the world through the same lens again.

I wanted to post tonight to say thank you to all of you who have shared your many expressions of love and concern. Each one of them has touched us and moved us - more than you can even imagine. I have heard that many of you are checking the blog, waiting for an update. Right now we're just waiting too. We'll share more as this all unfolds before us. In the meantime, keep praying for us, encouraging us and supporting us and know that we are deeply grateful.

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