November 30, 2010

Back to the Doctor

Just a quick note to let you all know that we have our second Level II Ultrasound with the perinatologists at Forsyth Hospital tomorrow.  We'll be having these every four weeks for the rest of the pregnancy, just to monitor things and keep an eye on everything.  We're not expecting any big news tomorrow, but I'm still feeling anxious about it.  The last time we were at this office and met with these doctors we were at our lowest point in this journey.  Although there's no reason to suspect it, I'm just dreading getting some kind of bad news tomorrow.  Please say a prayer that all of the reports tomorrow will be encouraging and positive and that we can continue on the path to a hopeful future for Clara.  We'll update tomorrow, possibly with a new photo or two, and at least a report of how it all went.  We truly appreciate your continued prayers for all three of us.

P.S.  Robert finally got to feel Clara kick last night!  I keep telling him that he can write on this blog too, but since he hasn't yet, I thought I'd share with you all that fun milestone!  She's moving like crazy now, but every time Robert touched me she would freeze, so he was so excited to finally get to feel her move.  :)

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