November 1, 2010

Prayers for Baby Girl

Just a reminder (in case anyone is out there reading this blog) that tomorrow we have our appointment with the perinatologist who will do a very careful ultrasound to determine more about the health and status of Baby Girl Hardy. There is still a small possibility that what was detected last Thursday was nothing and that she will get a completely clear bill of health. This is our fervent prayer. It is likely that she does have a herniated diaphragm. If this is the case, the doctors should be able to tell us more about it (size, location, severity, etc.) to help us understand better what is ahead of us and her. Our appointment is at 2:45 and we truly appreciate your prayers tomorrow for her wholeness. We will post again on this blog tomorrow with another update.

We are doing okay and are grateful to the many of you who send words of encouragement, love, compassion and your thoughts and prayers. Robert is the rock of this family right now and I grow more deeply in love with him each day for the many ways he is supporting and caring for me right now. I am emotional. Some of it is pregnancy and some of it is those motherly instincts that can't seem to turn off the worry for my child. It was difficult to go back to school today and try to be normal when I feel so far from it. In many ways, I felt separated today - like part of me was just watching the other me teaching and wondering what in the world I was doing during such a crisis. However, I'm grateful for this job not only for the many ways it rewards me and teaches me each day, but for the distraction that it is from my own thoughts.

Thanks again for your love and support and please pray for us tomorrow.

Much love,
The Hardys

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  1. Thinking and praying for you, Robert & Baby Girl Hardy!! My heart goes out to you! Praying for good news at your appt!!


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