November 6, 2010

The Crib

We ordered the crib for Baby Hardy's room before our first 18 week ultrasound on October 28. It arrived on Monday before our 2nd ultrasound when we first received the scary news about Baby Hardy's future. It sat in the box all week while we just stared at it, unsure of its future or our baby's.

Today we opened the box and put the crib together.

It was a more significant experience and ritual than putting a crib together should have been, but to us it represents so much.

It is a tangible sign of the hope that we have for Baby Girl coming home and sleeping here. It represents our belief that she will be here, alive and healthy and able to make this her home. It is a reminder to us to pray for her each day between now and then and trust in God's ability to create her wholly and provide for her needs as well as ours. It is a bold statement that we intend for her to join us here on earth.

With each screw that Robert added or piece that was put together it felt to me almost like we were putting her together, physically creating a space that will be just for her.

Baby Girl, we're getting ready for you.

This is the fabric and these are the colors that will brighten your room the way that you will brighten our lives.

We're not done getting this nursery ready, we're not done preparing our hearts for you, we're not done praying for you. But we're beginning all these things and we'll continue until you have safely made your home right here.

We love you.

1 comment:

  1. I wanted you guys to know how much it meant to me to read your blog today. I am grateful to have begun to know you. I am praying for you and your precious baby girl. Thank you for sharing your hearts this way.
    In peace and love, Heidi


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