November 25, 2010


Like so many of you, we’ve taken time today between bites of green bean casserole and gravy soaked turkey to pause and remember all the many blessings we have to be thankful for.  We are so thankful for our families who love and support us unconditionally and will do anything in the world for us.  We are thankful for amazing friends who love us just like family and who provide us with lots of laughter but are also willing to let us cry when we need to.  We are thankful for our warm and safe home and the comfort it provides.  We are thankful for jobs that we enjoy and the income that they provide.  We are thankful for our health.  We are so very thankful for our marriage and recognize that the love we share is very special and not something to take for granted. 

This Thanksgiving we are also grateful for other some new things.  We are so thankful for Clara Mae Hardy.  We are thankful for her life and the joy that it has already brought us.  We are thankful that by God’s perfect design we have the opportunity to take part in Creation in such a meaningful and personal way.  We are thankful for modern medicine and especially for the medical community we live in as we will rely so heavily on their care in the months to come.  We are very, very thankful to the large family of Christ who has surrounded us in the past month with prayers and love and affirmation.  It has been a powerful demonstration of how God intends His family to carry one another and we feel so blessed and humbled by each of your expressions of love and concern for us.  You cannot know how thankful we are for your prayers. 

Today we celebrated these few blessings and many, many more with a gathering of the Hardy family in Oxford, GA.  This year when we circled up to count off before the blessing there were a total of 99 people holding hands and joining hearts together.  It is a beautiful, tangible expression of family and love that I’m not sure many families get to experience.  I’ve written before about how special this Hardy family is to me and how fortunate I feel to have joined them.  Clara will be among the children in years to come to run around this yard playing chase, toss a football, and eat the turkey cookies before lunch is served.  What an amazing family she will be joining.  Here are some images of a very thankful Thanksgiving:

A beautiful Fall day of feasting and frolicking

Every chair filled with a warm body and a plate full of food

Tackle football

A bite or two of pie

Daddy Bob and Robert rocking away with full bellies
Me, Robert and Baby Niece Eleanor


  1. A wonderful tradition, celebrated with a wonderful family!

  2. Chrissy and Robert, what a wonderful Georgia family you have! Thanks for posting those beautiful pictures! LH


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