February 17, 2012

"All Done"

And after every meal (well, let's be honest - sometimes about two bites into a meal) Clara does the only "baby sign" that she's learned with any consistency now.  "All Done!"  We think it's pretty cute.

This video is from a couple of days ago....


  1. I will NEVER be "all done" when it comes to watching this precious child! Capture all the magic!

  2. SO CUTE!!!!! That was Dakota's first sign too, and let me tell you, she knew how to use it. She would raise her eyebrows at me and emphatically sign it as I was trying to get her to eat- LOL. She very rarely used the "more" sign =(. Many prayers for continued good health for your cutie!!!
    Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008
    RCDH survivor


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