February 23, 2012

Robert Turned Thirty!

Well, it's official.  Nobody in this house in their twenties anymore (unless you count Rufus, converted to people years.... no..... that's ridiculous....).  Tuesday we celebrated Robert's thirtieth birthday!  We actually started celebrating on Saturday when Mama K and Daddy Bob came up to see Clara spend time with their only son.  

Daddy shows Clara how to blow out birthday candles.... she's going to be doing it in just a month!

 Clara tries her first bites of birthday cake...

Eh... she was not impressed.

 What she DOES like doing is reading books with Daddy Bob....

A couple of group shots...

And one with Mama K.  Ooooh, buddy she loves this baby.

And since mama showered and put on makeup, I thought we better capture that on film, too.  Like a rare bird sighting....

On his actual birthday Robert got this:

Oh, and this to cook it on:

Apparently, I did not adequately clean my steak bone.  Robert finished the task.

Robert's favorite cake is Mama K's chocolate sheet cake, so I attempted it for his birthday.  It did not turn out as yummy as hers, but it was edible. 

We'll go out and celebrate like grown ups this weekend.  Happy birthday to the love of my life!  I'm so glad you're my husband and Clara's daddy!


  1. What wonderful photos! How much fun to have a window into your sweet family's life, and happy birthday to Robert and early bday to Clara! That cake looks amazingly yummy, and the steak? Wow. Enjoy!

  2. Happy Birthday to the special daddy that I would vote FATHER OF THE YEAR!!!!!! I bet Miss Clara seconds that!

  3. What sweet pictures. Your family is so precious, made even more so by a little girl named Clara. Happy Birthday Robert !


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