February 4, 2012

Mama Wore That: Go Deacs! Go Pack!

Around here, when Wake Forest plays NC State, it's win-win.  Yes, I'm a Demon Deacon through and through, but with the cost of tuition these days, I'm trying to convince Clara that the Wolfpack is the way to go.  Big Daddy agrees.  

With the way that Wake has been playing this year, that's a good thing....

This might just be Big Daddy's idea of heaven.  State winning basketball, with Clara in his lap.  Life is good.

Clara was prepared for either outcome of the game though, with a Wake Forest tee and her NC State booties. (These booties were actually the gift to Big Daddy to announce our pregnancy back in the summer of 2010).

Here he's telling her, "GO PACK!"

This tee-shirt was actually mine as a baby.  Not much has changed about the old gold and black....

 I think she wears it well.

And I'd totally support her going to Wake, as long as she earns a full ride.


You just think about it, Clara.  While chewing on that shoe.

(P.S. Here's a closeup of those teeth that are all the way in now!  So cute!)


  1. Nothing against NC State but my vote goes for dear old WAKE!!!! Clara is a precious Demon Deacon!

  2. Love the "Momma wore that" editions to the blog! Clara is such a cutie pie, especially in those keepsake outfits! I am so glad your Mom hung on to them! Patti kept a couple of Craig's things and I try to make them gender neutral! ha! She has a hand knit sweater of Craig's that Mary gave him and it fits perfect! It is to special to me! I think I posted some pics of that on my blog a while back?
    I can't believe how fast she is growing! I must meet this child before she turns 5! Ha! Hope y'all are doing well!


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