February 22, 2012

Snow at Home

Clara has already technically experienced her first snow, but on Monday morning we woke up to about an inch here at home.  Felt like we should probably snap a few shots of her in the snow at her own house.  She was not so much a fan.  The puffy snow clothes were really impeding her ability to crawl.  It was all gone and pretty enough for an outside jog by Monday afternoon.  Just the way I like winter.

Posing for the Mamarazzi

I. Can't. Crawl.

Is this really necessary??

Bottom right corner: fallen over baby.

We have captured the evidence of snow at our house.  Now, back inside....


  1. Rufus looks just as thrilled!

  2. Now this is a REAL snow ANGEL!!!!! Too cute!

  3. LOL!!!!!! I love that picture "right hand corner, fallen baby"!!! Thanks for the giggle!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up cutie!
    Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008
    RCDH survivor


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