September 24, 2011

{Nuptials} Sarah + Ryan

There are few friendships more intense, more sincere, more intimate than that of roommate.  Sarah and I hardly knew each other when, by life's circumstances, we started living together during my senior year of college.  But over the course of many years that followed, I've shared more apartments and houses and years of co-habitation with her than I have with Robert.  And when you live with someone you're there for the late night binges, the ugly cries, the physical and emotional messes of life.  Sarah has been through it all with me and I daresay that for it we know each other in a uniquely special way.  Yesterday was her wedding day, so now she has a new forever roommate and I hope and pray that her future with Ryan will be full of rich blessings, deep happiness and much joy.  Because that's what Sarah deserves.

It was an honor and privilege to stand beside her while she made the most important and sacred pledge of her life.  God smiled down on her and the rainstorms cleared in time for a stunningly gorgeous outside ceremony.  And as beautiful as the weather was and and picturesque as the surroundings, nothing was more drop dead gorgeous than this bride.

I love you with all my  heart, Sarah.  Congratulations and best wishes all around!  Thanks for allowing us to share in your special day.

Sarah hadn't seen Clara since she was on ECMO.  What a different baby now!

Checking out that gorgeous gown

Her mom tied her in...

Lovely.  And so perfect for Sarah.

Every detail was just right!

Still sassy, even on her wedding day.

Only Sarah would wear shoes like this...

Somebody snuck in a little nap during the ceremony...

Sarah and her dad, coming down the aisle

My Wendi was the soloist and she was amazing.

Sacred  vows

Love in those eyes.

Mr.  and Mrs. Sullivan!

 Me and my baby girl, all dolled up!

Family shot

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  1. May Sarah and Ryan be as blessed as Chrissy and Robert! And may you all live happily ever after!!!!!


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