September 12, 2011

Get it, Girl

Let me begin by saying that God is good all the time.  Whether babies live or die.  Whether we face hardship or triumph.  When we are joyful and when we are mourning.  Through hope and disappointment.  When our prayers are answered in the affirmative and when they are not.  If prayed for weight is gained and if it is not.  God is good all the time.  

With that said, we are praising God and thanking Him for his grace and mercy today.  'Cause all those ounces we've been praying for have shown up.  All the effort and yawns of waking every three hours to make Clara eat and all the determination to cram every last calorie we could find into her has paid off.  Each battle with the bottle (you know, six times a day or so) has been worth it.  

In the past twenty days, Clara has gained 18 ounces!!  She weighed in today at a whopping 13 pounds, 14 ounces.  

Get it, girl.

I sure am proud of this little baby.  And I'm once again thankful for the prayers.  We're grateful for the love and the mercy of her Creator who has given us the conditions and the drive and the resources (Shout out to Gerber Good Start; you make my breast milk 7 calories per ounce richer and we are digging it!) to enable her to get bigger and stronger without the help of any stinkin' feeding tube.  

I was hoping for just half an ounce a day average - that would have been ten ounces and put her at 13lb, 6oz. The verse that has become my mantra throughout Clara's life rings true once again: Now to Him who is able to doimmeasurably more [or in this case, measurably - in ounces] than all we ask or imagine according to his power that is at work within us, to him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus.  (Ephesians 3:20-21)

I just don't get tired of saying it: Praise Be To God.  


  1. That is Wonderful news!!!! I have been praying, esp. that her tummy wouldn't revolt.
    That is terrific growth! Now, 20 years from now. . .!

  2. Yeah!!! Chrissy, Robert, and Clara are a GREAT team!!!

  3. What awesome news!! I think of you all often and keep you in my prayers. Keep up the great work!

  4. If anyone doubts the power of GOD then they need to be directed to your blog. I think we ALL have grown in CHRIST through your journey. What a lovely testimony to what GOD CAN DO! Thank you, Chrissy and Robert, for sharing your faith and allowing us to help pray you through. Life just keeps getting better .... congratulations, sweet family.

  5. Woohoo! Go Team Hardy! I sure loved watching Clara in SS this week. It made my day!

  6. Have been praying for this, I'm so happy to hear that the G-tube may be a thing of the past. Ya-Hoo, Clara !

  7. I am very glad for Clara that she has been gaining weight, but I have to say that no, God is not good all the time. God was not good when my son died, and I cannot believe that you would say so blatanly 'whether babies live or die'. You received your miracle, and there are so many that have not that read your blog. It's something I have struggled with so much since my son died, my relationship with God has grown stronger, but God is not always good. God was not smiling down on me when he took my son. Until you have been in our shoes, don't ever try and tell us that God is good even when babies die. It hurts and cuts to the core, you have no right to say so when you have not had to hold your child in your arms and walk out of the hospital empty handed.

  8. @Anonymous - I am deeply sorry that my comment hurt you. Please let me assure you that was not my intention at all and I truly did not mean to come across as flippant or disrespectful in any way whatsoever. I hope you will accept my apologies.

    I do believe that God is good all the time. I do believe that even in the midst of deep deep grief that God is good (which is different than happy or even generous... I just mean that who He is, in essence, is good). I certainly don't think that He was smiling down on your when you lost your son. In fact, quite the contrary. I believe that when we hurt God hurts too, so I imagine the day that you lost your son he was broken and sad just as you were. I also don't think that He necessarily causes those things to happen. I can't imagine that He would choose to cause any parent to suffer the loss of a child. I don't know why those things happen, but I don't think it's by God's choice. I believe that God is good all the time. That's my personal theology and my personal belief - far be it for me to impose that on anyone else. My comment was only meant to say that even during the most difficult times of life (such as losing a child), that I believe God is there for us, that He is planning good things and that He is able to bring good out of horrible. You certainly have the right to disagree with me, as I'm sure many others do. I am simply sharing my own belief and understanding. And you're right - I haven't walked in your shoes and I have not experienced the deep grief and mourning that you have. But in the deepest, darkest times of my own life (which may not be as deep and dark as yours), I still have felt God to be good.

    If Clara had not gained weight this week, I would still want to proclaim that God is good. If we had lost Clara in the hospital, as we came close to doing, I would still want to proclaim that God is good. On good days and on bad days, I want to always proclaim that God is good.

    Again, my most sincere apologies for coming across in a painful way. That was never my intention. I think of the families who have lost a child daily and pray that you might continue to experience God's grace in your life.


  9. @anonymous- I also was a bit taken aback by the comment, and while I felt I knew what Chrissy meant (and she is a total stranger to me), I could see where one (like you, and others, I am sure) would see it differently. I have never, ever, experienced the deep hell of grief that you have, and my eyes teared up as I read your post. I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for the loss of your precious son. My heart truly hurts for you. Sincerely, J in Ohio

  10. Yay Clara!! So happy you are growing! Keep it up!!


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