September 29, 2011


Today Clara and I took her very first trip to the library. It's a place I'll be dragging her a lot over the next few years so she better get used to it! I needed a few books for my class this afternoon and my classroom is still mostly in boxes. I couldn't put my hands on my copy of Joyful Noise (and you can't teach children's poetry without it!) so off to the library we went. I picked up a few new board books for her, too, then promptly wiped down every single page with a Clorox wipe.

I also got a copy of CS Lewis' A Grief Observed for me to reread as I continue to struggle with the why behind every other CDH baby who loses this fight. I'm sure I won't ever understand it, but maybe rereading this will help me grieve alongside these other mothers just a little better.

I loved being among the aisles of books today. I truly hope Clara will grow up learning to love literacy!
Here's my little bookworm!


  1. And just which kindergarten teacher from your yesteryear do you think is thrilled to see you write this????? I am so-oooooo in love with your precious Clara. Loved reading about the BEAR unit, too. Remember the Care Bears?????????? :-)

  2. You are doing a great job Mama!!! Praying for a healthy fall/winter for "C" Bug!!! BTW....updated blog header looks amazing!


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