September 11, 2011

Clara Visits E-town

For Labor Day weekend, we piled in the car with more gear than you can imagine, and headed south to Elberton, GA to see Clara's grandparents, great-grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin Eleanor.  We also got to share a little of Clara's story with Robert's family's home church - First Baptist, Elberton.  They were among the most passionate and faithful prayer warriors for Clara and it was a real joy and privilege to share her with them.  Here are a few images of our weekend away.  Can't say enough how thankful we are for such a wonderful family.  If only we had a transporter for teleportation, we'd be set. (The car ride was less than fun.)

Clara and Daddy Bob

great Georgia snuggles
This is what Sunday afternoon in Elberton always looks like....

We hope that Mema and Papa live to be 112, but we know that every moment is precious when you're approaching 90.  So, we're thankful for these opportunities and images of Clara with her great grandparents.  It is my prayer that they stick around long enough for her to really know them.  'Cause they're great.  

I just can't get enough of the matching cousins.  We love that these girls will get to grow up so close.  May they be the best of friends...

We suck thumbs and chew fingers.

Checking each other out

Clara thinks Eleanor is hilarious!
And a little video of Papa dancing with our Clara.  He wants her to learn all about Big Band music.

We love you Hardys and Brattons.  Enough that we'll even drive down there again to see you....


  1. Oh, to dance with my Papa again. This is so sweet ... treasure it always so Clara can have this wonderful memory.

  2. I just love all these pictures. I love how you match the outfits with the other little girls in the pictures you post. Clara Mae seems so curious about everything and just takes it all in! Her smile is priceless! This is just so heartwarming!


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