May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

We changed/retaped her nasal cannulas.  Here's a sneak peak at what we hope to see permanently come Friday.  A cannula free face!

Sweet Mama's shoulder is a good place to fall asleep

And sleep hard...

Nighty, night sweet baby.

All tucked in.


  1. I just LUV her puppy dog suit! I am a dog lover...she looks so peaceful sleeping...I have been praying about her learning to take the bottle...I will pray that she will be free of the nasal cannulas on Friday ~ as planned! Thinking of you in Elberton, Mary Ann & Chuck

  2. In honor of almost wordless wednesday all I have to say is.... So sweet :)

  3. Such a sweet face. I sure want the cannulas off Friday. That tape is making an awful mess on her beautiful face.

  4. She's just beautiful! Sending prayers your way for another great day.
    The Schreiners

  5. Wordless Wednesdays are especially great -
    We all sit at the computer, and no one we can wait!

    New pictures of Clara will soon appear -
    For all of us folks who hold her so dear!

    Oh! There she is in a puppy sleeper -
    I'm telling you people, this girl's a keeper!

    Sweet Mama's got her, holding her tight -
    And we all know that's a precious sight.

    Wean off oxygen and morphine, then learn how to suck -
    And you can ride home in a car or a truck!

    We pray for you girl -- you bundle of love -
    Your self and your healing are gifts from above!

    Aunt Laura and Uncle Frank

  6. Lullaby and goodnight, precious Clara. You sure are a well loved little girl! Angels are watching over you every minute and prayers are being said just as often.

  7. We don't post often, but we know that you know our prayers are offered continuously. We will see you at home at our first opportunity. Love always! Aunt Shirley and Uncle Cedric


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