May 19, 2011

Brief Morning Report

I'm about to head back to the hospital.  I didn't sleep much last night, but slept more than I would have in an upright chair by her bed all night.  The good news is that Clara slept great.  She was still sleeping at 7:15 this morning and had not woken up since she fell asleep at 10PM.  They had not even given her ativan since she was sleeping so well, so that is great.  Also, the labs came back negative so it does not appear to be an infection.  I am prayerful that they will not start antibiotics and that they will consider resuming feeds this morning since she's had 18 hours of bowel rest.  If they do resume feeds, I hope that they'll try giving her breast milk again; she really did not care for that formula. 

Thanks for your continued prayers for Clara and especially for this most recent bump in the road.  We continue to rest in the knowledge that she is in great hands at Brenners and in even better hands of her Creator.  We have faith that this will all work out, but are eager to hear a definitive decision and solution and plan for moving ahead. 


  1. I'm glad you got a little rest last night, Chrissy. You are a wonderful advocate on Clara's great healthcare team. I pray the best solutions and plan happen today.
    Melissa W.

  2. I'm glad it's not an infection and hope that whatever the issue was has resolved itself. And Clara slept better than my guys sleep!

  3. GOD is in control and will have sweet Clara Mae ready to go home with you guys in no time. Keep the faith and give every little set back to him. HE loves her .... and her sweet parents. HE just wants these little issues taken care of before she leaves the safety net of Brenners.


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