May 24, 2011

Splish, Splash!

Clara had her first real bath today! Here are some pretty stinkin' cute pictures to prove it.

Unsure about what's going on:
She didn't like all of it...

But she came around:
Getting dried off:
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Sweet, clean-smelling snugglin'.One last bottle attempt for the day. (She didn't love it...)
Not much of a medical update today. We weaned down to 300mL flow on her O2, and we expect to be nasal cannula-free by Friday. Clara tolerated further weaning of her morphine just fine today as well. She's still improving on breastfeeding, but has a long way to go until she's able to support herself without the NG tube. She also needs to figure out the bottle; so far, she's not so into it.

Please continue to pray for her morphine wean and feeding; they are the two things still standing between us and home.

More pressingly: PLEASE continue to pray for little Penelope, the other CDH baby at Brenner who is on ECMO currently. She needs to make some good forward strides towards getting off of ECMO soon. Many of you remember this delicate dance of fluid and lung volume that Clara went through; pray now that Penelope's dance will lead her to where Clara is now!

Thank you all for your continuing prayers and support. We love you all!



  1. What fun bathtime is with a new baby! I remember those days so clearly, as they weren't that long ago for me! SO glad Clara is doing so well. Continuing to pray for her (and little Penelope). Sweet dreams, little one!

    Julie McAvoy Hover

  2. Clara looks "mad as a wet hen" in a couple of the pictures! I'm still praying she gets home by June 1st.

  3. I love seeing Clara pictures at the end of a busy day! The praying will continue for Clara and Penelope!

  4. He he he! Yea for bath pictures! Clara-- you will get used to it and love bath time. Knowing your fiesty nature I predict you will be one big splasher! ;) We're praying for you and for little Penny too! xoxo

  5. What a good daddy you are, Robert! You did a very good job with that bath! We are still in awe over Clara's progress and are keeping on keeping on praying for her, you all and Penelope.

  6. Chrissy, May I offer some nursing coaching that many new moms have found to be helpful? It made a 100% difference to me. So far no one has heard this from their lactation specialists, but I am telling you it has helped every mom and baby so far:
    Mirror Clara's mouth shape by squeezing your areola between your fingers before she tries to latch on. Picture that she is angled and opening her little oval mouth. You squeeze yourself to fit exactly in that hole. The #1 issue for me was I was too full and firm to squeeze like that, so my pediatrician told me to pump a little first. "He can't nurse an orange," he said!
    If you're already trying that, way to go! If not, give it a try. You may teach them something new today!

  7. What fun!!!! A warm bath and bonding time with daddy! Toooo cuuutteeee!!!!! Lord, we lift litle Penelope up to you and ask that you give comfort, peace and wisdom to her family and doctors. Praises to you Lord for the continued improvements in Clara. Please give her the strength and desire to feed on her own and not need any further morphine. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers.

  8. I just can't believe how great Clara looks and is doing. She is such a doll and I've only seen pics. I can't imagine what it's like to see the actual Clara. Thanks for the Penelope update. Prayers continue for both little ladies and parents.

    Love ya,
    Mary Nell

  9. Have you tried a bottle like this yet?

  10. One day you will be begging her to get OUT of the tub or shower, ha! So-oooo happy to see this growing little girl preparing to GO HOME. It won't be long now ..... GO, CLARA MAE, GO!!!!! Also praying for her sweet friend, Penelope. Hope you guys stay connected after Clara goes home so we can rejoice over little Penelope's triumphs, too. Love, love, love, love to all!!!!!!


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