May 14, 2011

Steady As She Goes.

Happy weekend, all!  This is Robert posting from Chrissy's computer.  Not an awful lot to report today.  We're making small steps each day that, when you step back and look where we are from week to week, show lots of good progress.  Here's where we are now: Clara's down to 1.25 Liters on her O2 volume, and has stayed at or below 30% oxygen mix for the last 24 hours, so she's tolerating weaning down her supplementary oxygen quite well so far.  She's VERY slowly weaning off of her sedatives, and I would bet we've got another week or two at least until she's drug-free.  Clara has officially been downgraded from "Critical Condition" to "Intermediate Red" as of today; that's more for insurance billing than anything, but we like the sound of it.  Chrissy and I are starting to get pretty antsy about getting her home.  We know it'll happen when it happens, but we can't wait to be able to snuggle this little girl in the comfort of our own house, without having to drive across town, without people everywhere and alarms going off all the time, and without six different tubes/wires dangling off her and getting tangled everywhere.  It's great that our battles now are with feeding and weaning off of drugs instead of the battles we were having a few weeks ago to keep Clara alive, but having a child in the NICU is exhausting, even when she's on the right track.  So please pray for God to hasten the day that Clara gets to come home to us.  

Also, please keep little Penelope in your prayers as well.  Penelope is another little girl with CDH who was born a few weeks after Clara.  She had her surgery to repair her hernia on Thursday of this week.  Those of you who have been following the blog for a while will probably remember that Clara's toughest and scariest times were after her surgery.  Now Penelope and her parents will potentially be facing struggles that we know all too well.  Pray for them as you have for us, with the knowledge that God does still perform miracles.

Here are some images from today:


  1. Laura and Frank McNairMay 14, 2011 at 8:01 AM

    Dear Chrissy and Robert --

    Two quick items:

    1) We continue to pray for you and Clara (and the extended family) often.

    2) Those are the CUTEST SHOE-SOCKS (pink with black Mary Janes and a small rose) IN THE HISTORY OF BABYWEAR!

    Love to you all,

    Frank and Laura

  2. We are continually praying for you all and hope you will share with Penelope's family that lots of prayers are coming their way also!

  3. She gets more beautiful with each picture you post! LOVE those socks! We are praying for Clara, for all of your family, and for little Penelope too! I can't imagine how exhausting this must be for all of you. We are rooting and cheering you all on, every step of the way! Love you guys!

  4. Thinking of you and praying for Clara (and her mom and dad) daily! Just wanted you to know...Love from Elberton, Mary Ann P.S. I agree ~ those Mary Jane socks are absolutely precious!!!

  5. Clara Mae WILL be ready for the Deacon football season ... Go DEACS and GO CLARA MAE!!!!! I can just see her in a WFU cheerleader outfit and maybe her Mary Janes :-).

  6. Go Clara Go, come on baby get home!!!!!!

    The welshes

  7. I enjoyed the posts from Big Daddy and Robert. I hope it gave Chrissy a little rest from writing. Clara is looking healthier in every picture. I too love the Mary Jane socks. "Intermediate Red" sounds wonderful. I hope Clara is home before your anniversary.

  8. Such sweet words and pictures~as always. I know the days are long and you want your sweet baby home with you. The weaning of O2 and sedation is a very lengthy process and such small steps. We pray it is peaceful and suuccessful.

    We will keep Penelope in our prayers. Just look at how much hope you can offfer her family. You will help them all so much.

    Keep yourselves strong and we will continue our prayers for you all.

    Love to all,
    Nicole Jones

  9. Dear Hardy family, am continuing to pray for Clara and you. She really looks better each day. Also am now praying for Penelope and her family. Clara has started a praying ministry already. Will continue to pray for strength and patience for you, her parents, and for continued progress for Clara. GOD is Great !

  10. I just heard the good news of the successful feeding...HOORAY FOR CLARA MAE!!! Congrats! One hurdle almost down, two to go.


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