September 3, 2011

Live Action Clara

This week on Things-Clara-Is-In-To: thumb sucking, raspberry blowing, and still being the most adorable, happy baby in the whole wide world (also, apparently, not wearing clothes...).  I was a big thumb sucker myself and despite the years of braces as a consequence I am all about some thumb sucking.  Keeps baby happy, is free, and doesn't get lost.  Not to mention as long as you break the habit at an acceptable age (probably before first grade, when I finally quit) it's stinkin' adorable.  So, I hope she's really catching on for real and it's not just a this-week-phase. 

Here are couple of videos of our girl, just to prove she's the best.


  1. That's it!!! My heart has been stolen!!!!

  2. Soooo Sweet!!! It still amazes me have far she (and your family) has come!!!!! Grow Clara Grow!!!

  3. Clara looks like a healthy, adorable baby here. Hold her tight and BELIEVE that she is developing just as she should ... she knows what is best for her and she has the love of the whole world!

  4. There is just aout nothing cuter than a baby sucking her thumb! I used to keep the camera waiting just to snap pictures of my girls doing just that.

  5. Jennifer Craven, RNSeptember 7, 2011 at 2:21 PM

    I've been thinking about yall lately, so I thought I'd visit your blog. Clara is just beautiful and she has grown so much! I'm so happy for the blessings yall have been given. And I want you to know that yall were a blessing to me, our unit, and even to other patients & families because of your incredible faith! God bless & I'll look forward to seeing yall visit us again soon!


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