May 9, 2013

KBC Women's Retreat 2013

In early March (I think... time is blurring together now), I had the opportunity to join some of the other women from our church on a two-night retreat.  It was at the beautiful Hollifield Retreat Center on Lake Hickory and we had beautiful weather, thoughtful sessions, and most of all some sacred time of fellowship.  I hadn't been able to make it on the retreats the past several years (*cough*Clara*cough*), so it was a real treat to get this time away to relax, to learn and to reflect.   I'm thankful for this community of faith that we're a part of and was especially grateful for this chance to learn from women of different generations and stations of life.  It was also some great friend time for me; it's amazing what a luxury it is to be able to finish a grown-up sentence without interrupting yourself to say something like, "Are you using kind hands right now?!" or "Please do not climb on that, I don't want for you to fall and die."

Here are just a few shots from the weekend to remind me of this special time!  I hope I'll get to go back in future years.

Sessions filled with laughter, music, and sharing...

We did so much eating.  So much.  Of meals we did not think of, buy food for, prepare, or clean up.  Pure bliss.

The beautiful Lake Hickory (enjoyed a nice long walk around it on Saturday afternoon).

Here are the ladies from my Sunday School class who were able to come on this retreat.  I love these women of faith and am so deeply deeply thankful for every one of them.  It's hard to believe that five years ago (three years ago?) I didn't know a single one of them.  Our church has seen such incredible growth and I am thankful to God for the way that He has brought ladies like this into my life right now.  They are an answer to prayer. Good. Stuff.

Me and my mama (roomie!).  Thanks for bringing me, Sweet Mama!

 We weren't the only mother-daughter group on this retreat.  Here's two more!

 Thanks be to God.

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