May 8, 2013

February: Birthday Practice, Part 1

February was a month of Clara learning all about birthdays.  Good thing, since she had her own big celebration in March.  By then, she was an expert at presents, cake, singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles.

For her daddy's birthday we made his favorite, funfetti cupcakes:

First time licking the batter...

Decorating, oh so carefully...

 Ta Da!

We enjoyed a "special" dinner in the dining room with the fine china (and Thai takeout, because I had to teach that day and pulling off the cupcakes was the best I could do).

Clara helped her daddy blow out his candle...

And eat his cupcake...

The following weekend, Robert's parents came up to help us celebrate again and of course Mama K brought a proper cake and we did it all again!

1 comment:

  1. Chrissy....
    I love funfetti cake!! It is vanilla--my favorite!!--plus cheery and festive!! ;-D
    Your picture of Clara licking that beater brought a smile to my face!! ;)
    She has sprinkles on her little hand!! ;-D
    I love the finishing affect!! And those candles!! Wow.... ;)
    Happy birthday, Robert!! ;-D


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