March 20, 2012

Welcome, Spring!

Trust me, no one is happier that Spring is here than we are!  The end of our quarantine is in sight and we are looking forward to the long warm days ahead.  I celebrated the Spring Equinox today with the sweetest little blossom that ever has been.  Enjoy!


  1. SPRING has SPRUNG and I just saw the most beautiful FLOWER ever in bloom! Nurture it well!

  2. Your blog, and your beautiful gift of a daughter from God, AND your family of faith'ers, totally makes my day. I love seeing Clara, and praying for her (and you all) and witnessing the miracle of God. I swear, I am about to get in my car and drive down from Cincinnati to show up for the party! LOL. Don't ever stop posting pics of this most beautiful girl!

  3. Oh my stars... she is too much. So stinking cute... She's in full bloom for sure. :) Think of ya'll often...


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