March 23, 2012

Clara's First Year

So many of you have watched us day by day for the past 366 days as Clara has fought for her life and turned into the most beautiful, happy, strong, smart and loving girl we've known.  Her birthday today is filled with rich and raw emotions for us as we are continually humbled by God's presence in our lives.  I have simply uttered the prayer, "thank you" millions of times since Clara's birth and I utter it again today.

Grab a box of tissues, and carve out 23 minutes to watch it all recapped here.

Happy First Birthday, Clara Mae!  We are so blessed to be celebrating you!


  1. My, oh, my ... Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie! What a glorious day! May your future be filled with so much joy. Thank you for bringing so much to us in your one year here on earth! You are a true miracle from God!

  2. Blessings to all the Hardys and a joyous happy birthday for Clara Mae! Love, The Rareshides

  3. Thank you for the video! Loved it! Pure joy! The Neals

  4. Thank you for showing us a year in the life of Clara and all who have inriched her life. Thank you to Almighty GOD. Randy and Annette Morris

  5. Loved the video, pretty much sums it up, it's a miracle !


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