March 13, 2012

First Cold for Clara

We've been shaking our heads in disbelief that we'd actually almost made it through Clara's first cold and flu season, that she was about to turn one, and had never had any kind of cold or sickness.  Key word: almost.  

Clara's nose starting running yesterday and today it was worse and starting to turn thick, so I took her to the pediatrician. It's mostly in her head now although some drainage was starting. Her ears are clear and there was no sound of wetness or crackling in her chest and no wheezing.  The doctor said it was mostly viral but that the thick mucus meant the possible beginnings of something bacterial. In an ordinary baby she said that she'd probably leave it alone but in the interest of being proactive she went ahead and put Clara on antibiotics (z pack).  Let's hope this knocks it out, that it doesn't turn into anything worse, and that she heals quickly.  

Clara had also lost five ounces since our last appointment twelve days ago. I was the most upset about this - since coming home from the hospital we've had periods of slow weight gain, but Clara has never lost weight.  The pediatrician said it was common when fighting an infection because it burns a lot of calories to make white blood cells. Hopefully she will gain it back quickly once she's through fighting this.

I'm so disappointed to have been just ten days away from her first birthday and have her catch something. I keep retracing my steps, trying to figure out when I exposed her to something and how she got it.  There is, of course, no way to know.  But as Dr Hoyle said, it was inevitable at some point and a cold of this nature could happen at any time, even after the end of "cold and flu season."  She also said she hadn't seen anything out there right now that was especially wicked in terms of respiratory stuff. Hopefully this will pass quickly and she'll be feeling better for her birthday.  'Cause in case you haven't heard, we've been planning a party. 

Thanks for your prayers.  Hopefully it's just a tiny bump in the road.  


  1. praying for healing for sweet clara! i'm currently 26 wks pregnant with my first, and was so excited to have made it through the winter (and my husband being sick twice!) without picking anything up - then bam! sick as a dog. they have me on something that will hopefully help, because pregnant & sick is miserable. but i'm sure it's nothing like what the little one is going through - here's hoping for a very quick recovery and a VERY fun birthday!

  2. Here is hoping it is just a minor cold! Cant have a crusty nose for the BIG One!

  3. Oh no, I was too, hoping she could get through her first winter without catching anything. That was wishful thinking. It was bound to happen. I sure hope she does well with this and it will soon pass. May also be due to allergies, early spring and the pollen is flying. Praying for speedy recovery.


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