October 17, 2011

Video Round Up!

I prefer still photography, but there are some things that you just can't capture on stills and I don't want to forget.  So once every month or two, I remember to grab the video camera to capture Clara in action.  Here are a few videos from the past week or so. 

And here are stills of Clara watching the fire in the fireplace.  I love when she sees something new for the first time and is amazed.  May we all have that child-like wonder for life!


  1. I could watch Clara in her jumper all day!!! My heart overflows with joy for you!

  2. Hard to believe just how far this little girl has come. What a joy to watch. Thank you so much for sharing her journey with us. I so hope to follow her through all her firsts, okay? Right up to her wedding day :-).

  3. Oh my just look at her sitting up and rolling over like a big girl! She's such a cutie pie and love her smile! Can't help but smile watching the videos and looking at her pictures - she looks like she is best buddies with your doggy too. So, so precious. I check for updates all the time so thank you so much for keeping her fans updated!!

  4. When I see an e-mail from The Hardy Life, I always smile. Who would have thought several months ago, that she would progress this far this fast! Life is a miracle, but especially in little Clara Mae's life. I had to LOL at the swing video! She's enjoying life and that's the biggest miracle of all, she survived and she's loving life. Thank you so much Lord, for this little girl's happiness.


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