October 10, 2011

Apple Orchard

Nothing says Fall quite like the sweet smell of apples growing on the side of a mountain.  We were in the mountains this weekend and took some time on Sunday to visit a nearby orchard.  Clara is not quite old enough yet to appreciate the fun of tromping through an orchard, but her big cousin Caroline sure had fun.  And we enjoyed being all together outside on the most perfect of fall days.  As each day on the calendar ticks off, I dread the winter ahead more and more.  On my days stuck inside, I hope I'll be able to remember back to the sweetness of moments like this and know that they will come again in spring.

First, let's set the scene:

rows of trees with apples aplenty littering the ground beneath

gorgeous fall colors on the mountains in the background

baskets of apples all about

and sweet, ripe delicious fruit hanging from the branches
The perfect place for a toddler to roam...

And not too bad for a baby and her daddy either:

Did I mention we brought Rufus along?

Sniffin' out the apple carnage

A backdrop like this is just too good to resist a few posed photos:


A big box of pumpkins is just crying out for babies to be put inside:

And nothing is much cuter than the apple of our eye surrounded by apples:

'Til next year, Johnson's Apple Orchard.  We'll enjoy every last bite of these sweet delicious orbs of fruit.


  1. What a fun trip! Thanks bunches, photographer extraordinaire!

  2. An apple a day keeps the dr. away!!!! Munch on precious, Clara Mae!!!


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