October 26, 2011

Hardy Hootenanny

Every year since Robert and I have been married, we've hosted a fall gathering of friends and called it the Hardy Hootenanny.  Sometimes we're able to do it on Homecoming weekend and there are old friends we haven't seen in awhile mingled with our newer friends.  Regardless, it's always a fun event to have folks from different parts of our lives all together at one place.  It's been fun to watch the event evolve over the past few years.  There were no children at all at the first Hootenanny and probably more wine and beer than people.  This year, we moved the event to 4PM, a real sign that we're parents now.  And I think the children may have outnumbered the adults.  This year was especially fun for us because we know that it's going to be a long, hard, cold and lonely winter of staying away from the rest of the germ-infested population.  So, in a way, the Hootenanny was our farewell party for a few months while we pray away RSV, flu, bronchitis and any other respiratory illness.  It was also a celebration of thanksgiving for the friendship of so many who carried us through the past year.  We're thankful for these people in our lives and the way that they have loved and sustained us.  I shot a few photos, but certainly didn't get everyone who came... my apologies!


 And the hostess with the mostest...

Thanks for a good time, all!


  1. shut up. did you seriously make little pumpkins out of sculpey to toothpick labels into for the food at the hootenanny? i think you may be too crafty to be friends with little ole me. lol! really though- TOO cute! wish we had been in town to stop by, too! :o)

  2. I love Clara's dress! Glad you had a great time, I will be praying, hoping and wishing away the germs all winter for you!


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