October 6, 2011


Mom's been a little busy lately, so I'll just give you a quick glimpse through my eyes of some of what we've been up to the past few weeks.  A veritable smörgåsbord of images awaits you....

I've had some visitors, like my friend Allie here (and her mom and sister came too):

It was soooooo fun to pull on her hair!  Mama says Allie is special because she was one of her kindergarten students and she was the flower girl in Mama and Daddy's wedding!  But that was several years ago and now she's a big fifth grader and growing up.  See the difference?

I also had a special visit from my "Uncle" Roshan.  He had to come all the way from California to meet me!  Roshan was one of Mama's dearest friends in high school and now he works for Google.  It was so fun to meet him.  He loves babies and we had lots of fun playing together.

Daddy Bob even came for a visit last weekend (without Mama K!  I think he wanted all the snuggles to himself).

My most recent visitor was my cousin Caroline.  She's so big and smart.  I think she'll be teaching me about a lot of things.  

Like how to swing...

 And I will teach her how to wear pretty pink hairbows (Sorry, Aunt Jennifer!!)

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you!  For my 1/2 year birthday, Mama bought me this fantastic outside swing!  (She's really into birthdays and presents and since I had a rough start to life, she thought that six months warranted a present of its own!  I didn't complain.)  Daddy hung it up on our playset outside and it's been such beautiful fall weather, we've been playing outside a lot.  I probably won't be going to many parks the next few months since Mama says they're full of germs.  Good thing I've got a little mini-park right in my backyard for pretty warm days!

We've been taking lots of stroller walks in the pretty weather, too.  But sometimes I get a little sleepy.  On this walk, Mama and Aunt Wendi caught me and Chloe both fast asleep, in the exact same position....

Other than that, around here things have been just about the same.  Mama is always worried about eating and sleeping. She's been making lots of homemade baby food for me and so far I've tried sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, green beans, banana squash, prunes, pumpkin, bananas, avacados and just this afternoon Mama made some pears (I haven't tried them yet though).  Honestly, I'm really not that into all this spoon feeding nonsense.  Mom has to sing and make ridiculous sounds and silly faces just to get through meal time.  She keeps saying I have to learn though, so we practice twice every day.   Here I am eating some sweet potatoes:

Gotta make sure you get every last drop!

I'm getting a little big for my swaddle, so I've been trying to tell Mama that I'm ready to move on to sleep sacks.  The problem is, I've gotten really used to my swaddles, so I have a hard time falling asleep without it!  We're working on it though.  Here I am taking my first nap without a swaddle, in a sleep sack instead.  I may look peaceful here, but I woke up after just thirty minutes.  Mama wants me to make sure you're not fooled.

That's about it from around here!  Thanks for coming to check on me!



  1. Yeah Clara! Great pictures mom! Everybody looks great! Thanks be to God.

  2. Wow! Looks like life is good at the Hardy residence.....so happy for all of you. The photos are terrific!

    Jodi Moore

  3. So fun to see precious pictures of my two granddaughters. I am blessed beyond words!

  4. What great pictures! Thank you for sharing! You have a beautiful family!! Xoxo

    Nicole Jones

  5. Hi!! I've been reading your blog for a while but I'm not sure that I've ever left a comment. Clara is getting so big and she is absolutely beautiful!!

    When you said veritable smörgåsbord, it reminded me of the old cartoon movie, Charlotte's Web when Templeton the rat went to the fair.
    Sorry, I know that's off topic but it brought back so many memories of watching that movie literally until the tape in the VHS wore out.

    I pray for continued blessings on your family...from one NC girl to another.


  6. Hi Clara, so heartwarming to know what you've been up to. My mum just loved this. Thank you for sharing your pictures too.
    Samuel in Calgary, Canada
    lcdh, born Feb1/11

  7. The swaddle thing was an issue in our house as well. My girl, Evelyn, was born just about the same time Clara was. In fact, I found your blog on a friend's Facebook page while I was nursing. Anyway...the swaddle...Evelyn loved hers and she too kept busting out of it. But just like Clara, if I kept her out of it, she only slept 30 minutes which was not long enough for her. So I kept her in it. Once she started really rolling around on her own, I tired again to take her out of it and just do the sack. At this point, she was ready and slept like a baby all on her own. Good luck and thanks for the updates. I live seeing how well lara is doing.

  8. Thanks for the updates, looks like she's still progressing nicely ! Looks like she's grown alot !


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