June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Wendi!

My freshman year at Wake Forest I took a French class that was required as a part of the foreign language divisional.  Despite having had thirteen years of French before showing up at Wake Forest, my skills were clearly lacking since the placement test put me in the “beginner” class.  I could never have known that being placed in that class was one of the greatest blessings I’d ever know.  I met Wendi through that first class in the fall of our freshman year and thus began a friendship that has now lasted twelve years and is going strong.  We have been through A LOT together.  She’s seen me through heartbreak and love, through sickness, through broken friendships, spiritual doubt, deepened faith and a whole lot more.  We have lived together and traveled together and crafted together and celebrated countless birthdays and occasions.  We’ve cooked meals in dozens of our kitchens and taken road trips to the beach and Georgia and beyond.  We’ve shared our history and our lives in a way that makes me feel like she’s never not known my heart as well as anyone could.  She has held me while I cry, prayed for me when I couldn’t find the words and encouraged me to chase my dreams.  Wendi is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met.  She loves and gives and serves others far beyond what is expected from the call of friendship.  Wendi is truly the best friend anyone could ever ask for.  I’m so thankful she’s mine.

I would never have imagined twelve years ago that a day like today would have happened.  Wendi now has a baby girl born just a week apart from Clara.  It wasn’t planned like that, but it sure was special to share our pregnancies together and to dream about what it would be like to raise these two sweet babies alongside each other.  There were days in the hospital when I thought that dream would not come true.  But today, it played out more beautifully than I could ever have imagined.  Wendi, Chloe, Clara and I all took a walk together this morning, zig zagging through the streets of Wendi’s neighborhood and talking about life, mothering, how tired midnight feedings make us, and the other idiosyncrasies of being a new parent.  After we finished walking, the two of us sat on her couch together and nursed those baby girls side by side.  Then all four of us piled in the cars and went out for lunch together.  I am so very excited that somehow God has planned for Wendi and me to share this chapter of our lives together too.  What a gift.

Today Wendi turned thirty!  It’s an important milestone and I’m glad I got a chance to celebrate with her a little.  Pushing strollers and nursing babies is a far cry from some of the birthdays we’ve celebrated in the past, but I’m so thankful for life right now and the beautiful picture that it is.  Happy Birthday, Wendi!  You’re a wonderful mother, a beautiful child of God and an amazing friend.  I’m glad you were born.

Here's a photo walk of just some of the good times we've shared (post-digital-camera era.... I didn't dig out and scan the ones on film.)
Wake Forest Days
Students at a football game...

Our senior year
One of any number of birthday celebrations at Mama Davis'
Somebody's birthday at my first apartment post-college


Wendi visits camp where Robert and I met to scope him out and see if she approved... (she did)
Happy New Year!  We've rung in most of the past 12 together
A Christmas party, I think...

Homecoming as alumns

Wendi's wedding
My wedding
Oregon, Summer 2009

Pregnant together!

Lunch today, with our precious baby girls


  1. That is such a beautiful story of friendship AND God's grace in letting you to be out with your sweet little babies together. Thank you again and again for the joy your posts bring - because I think all of us who read them are made more aware of how awesome our God is!

  2. Sandra Shumate CurtisJune 29, 2011 at 11:51 PM

    Chrissy, This is a beautiful story of friendship. You two are so blessed to be in each other's lives and most likely your little girls will be friends through the years. Thanks for sharing today's get together.

  3. I love you, my sweet Wendi. I am so glad that you are mine... Happy birthday!

  4. GOD gave you to each other as a perfect gift. To HIM goes the glory of your life, dear Chrissy. May you and Wendi be sitting side by side watching your grandkids play one day. Enjoy the journey of your friendship.

  5. Dear Chrissy,
    I don't believe I have ever commented on your blog before but I have been following your story (and praying too) since shortly after Clara was born. My original interest was because my son was also born with CDH back in 2007. I have been transfixed by your story, your faith and watching as God has worked in your lives and blessed you with so many answered prayers.
    But today I finally had to comment...I live in Oregon but moved to Winston-Salem and lived there between 1998-2000 and worked in the Graduate School at Wake. My sister was a student at Wake at the time and she is now one of the librarians (arts and religion) at ZSR.
    Sometimes this CDH world seems small, and some days it gets even smaller!
    I am so happy for you, your family and especially your miracle baby.
    mom to Owen (CDH survivor:)

  6. LOVED the photos-a beautiful friendship. Can't wait to see you both again and get our kids together...Chloe and Clara will have to decide who will be Sami's girlfriend first. :-)

  7. Love those Wake Forest friendships :) think I'll send it to one or two of mine!

    Elizabeth Brill

  8. Wait, can we just discuss that you came to Oregon and didn't let me know!?
    --Janice K

  9. 1. You guys are stunningly gorgeous.
    2. I love you both!
    3. It's wonderful to know that you two are still so close. What a beautiful friendship you have. :)
    --Susie Martin Yancey


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