July 2, 2015

Oceanside Healing

Ten days post-op, we found ourselves oceanside.  Dr. Petty cleared us, and Clara was feeling really well, so away we went to our previously scheduled week at Emerald Isle.  Once we came home from the hospital, we stopped narcotics completely.   Clara had 2-3 more days of tylenol and ibuprofen, but was basically back to herself by the weekend, so we packed our bags and loaded up.  

 We've been doing some beach-hopping the past couple of years, trying out new places and rediscovering old favorites.  It had been awhile since we went to Emerald Isle and it really was a beautiful beach.  Didn't have the same community feel for us as some of our other favorites, but we mostly played in the ocean (no shark bites) and on the sand, so we were happy.

We did take a quick walk down the pier, where I snapped this:

 And enjoyed all-you-can-eat (hint: it's a lot) steamed shrimp out one night.

Other than that, most days were our deck, the sand and the surf.

We joked the whole week about how Eloise was like a baby sea turtle.  Wherever we put her, she just dropped to all fours and made a bee-line for the ocean.  Getting knocked down by waves, or pulled under didn't phase her.  Don't mind my shadow here, but this is a quick little snippet of what she did over and over and over and over again!

We got lucky one of our first nights with that perfectly gorgeous early evening weather with the perfect sun and some lovely tidal pools.  The girls had so much fun and I wished I had my real camera instead of just my phone.  But this memory might be my favorite part of the whole week.

We kept Clara's incision covered, but she did wear a tankini one afternoon and lifted it up for a quick show off.  Less than two weeks after surgery here and you can see how great she was healing already.  The laparoscopy incisions are barely visible and the scar revision has closed up really nicely.

 I'm pretty partial to this tummy, too.

Once Robert joined us mid-week we did go visit the aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores and had a great morning there.  In fact, Clara had so much fun that Robert took her back again the next morning.  

This bird show was one of Clara's favorites.  She got to hand the parrot a folded up dollar bill for him to drop into the donation box.

Below, right, is a "habitat" that Clara created with some rocks, shells, seaweed and ocean water.  She really wanted to bring it home for her beta fish, but the picture will have to do.

 And of course, I won't leave the beach without forcing my family to oblige me for group photos.  We didn't get a super one this go 'round, but enough to remember it by.

Saltwater heals all things.

Thanks be to God.


  1. So glad go see Clara healing and all the smiles on both girls! Visit to EI...not too far from me. It is a great place. Be blessed

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