July 4, 2015

Mother-Daughter Tea

We found out on a Friday that it was likely that Clara had re-herniated, but we wouldn't be able to confirm until Monday.  So in that weekend in between we were living in one of those strange windows of life.  Unsure of what was ahead, aware of the potential for scary unknowns, but not quite able to name it and say it.  I don't know exactly how to describe all of those feelings, but it was a challenging time for me emotionally.  We had known since before Clara was born that she stood a chance of this in her future, but because she has been so healthy and typical in almost every way, it was easy to kind of forget about her rocky start and assume that we would not find ourselves back in that place again.  This was a quick and fast reality check.  The anticipation of challenging times, coupled with the unknown, was in some ways even harder than the surgery and recovery itself.  

But we also tried really hard that weekend to savor the happy and healthy Clara.  All the symptoms of the previous week were, at least temporarily, gone.  She was feeling good and back to her normal self.  So, we went to the pool and went to Raleigh for Lila's dedication, and spent time with family and friends and just soaked up life.  You know, the way we ought to always every day.  

On Saturday, our church hosted a Mother-Daughter tea party, so we got both girls all dolled up and went to enjoy some fancies with friends.

The girls all made facinators and fancy fans and decorated their own sugar cookies before we sat down to eat and sip some tea.

 This is the proper tea sipping technique, in case you were wondering:

Such special fun memories!  I'm continually grateful for this remarkable community.

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