July 3, 2015

June Wrap-up

June was pretty well covered with a hospital stay and a beach trip.  But here's a little early June before surgery and late June after beach, just to wrap it up. Then I'll only have January-May to catch up on!  

Hoping that we spend a lot more time at the pool the rest of this summer, but here's a shot of the girls in the baby pool before Clara's surgery.

One day Robert found a box turtle on the side of the road and pulled over and brought her home for Clara.   Our afternoon pet was named "Heidi" because "she likes to "hide-y in her shell."  Clever, Clara.  We kept her for a few hours and then helped her find a home in the woods.

 Soon after Clara came home from the hospital was Robert's and my seventh anniversary.  We had a super fun day-date to Willow's Bistro and Black Mountain Chocolate.

And at the end of June, we spent a Saturday afternoon in the backyard with the kids in the kiddie pool and water table and shaving cream.  They had fun.  We ate popsicles.  This is summer.

And a night out at Silo for Wendi's birthday.  17 years of friendship here.  Best stuff in the world.

Sleeping baby, because, who can resist?  Also, naked baby.  Totally irresistable.

And here's Clara, doing what Clara does*.  She spotted a spider in his web on our bottom steps (no comments on the cleanliness level of my house) and spent at least ten minutes, just like this, studying the spider eating an ant stuck in the web.  I've never known a child to be so interested in nature, animals, creatures, and life.  She's got a remarkable vocabulary and loves language and reading, but I won't be surprised if she ends up in a science field.  She's a great observer of the natural world (even when the natural world is inside my house).  I hope I can remember these kinds of moments.

*Birthday hat being worn three months post-birthday is just bonus.

And that's June!

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