July 5, 2014

Indiana Buddies

It's always sad when your dearest and closest college friends end up scattered all over the country with visits that are far and few between.  Lucky for us, the Wingfields have family down south so they make the trek to this neck of the woods a few times a year and are always so thoughtful to extend their plans to include some time with us.  I was so glad for them to get to come meet Eloise so soon after she was born and it always brings me great joy to watch our big kids playing together.  Although they may only see each other in person a few times a year, I hope these girls will always grow up knowing and loving each other like cousins.  We sure made some fun memories this time around.

Dinner their first night here, Matt and Heather got to meet Eloise, too.  I have photographic evidence of a baby in Matt's arms.

The next day we spent outside, playing with driveway toys, picnicking, splashing in the kiddie pool and water table, and getting covered in shaving cream.  Ahhh... this is what summer is for.

And the next morning before they hit the road, we met up with some other folks at a playground.  I love this shot of two of my very dearest college girls.

Thanks for all the hours spent in the van to make this happen, sweet friends!  Til next time!

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