July 4, 2014

A Few Firsts

Here are a few of Eloise's first firsts.  Her first bath on June 10 (it took that dern stump 22 days to fall off!) and her first bottle, on Father's Day (June 15).  Her big sister loved helping with the bath and Eloise loved it too.  I thought all babies screamed like a banshee in the tub for the first time (Clara sure did!), but it's definitely the highlight of Eloise's day.  She kicks and splashes and mellows right out.

She took the bottle like a champ and even though we haven't done many since then, I'm grateful that she knows how and will oblige.  I may just have to leave her side some day.  I could write many posts about how different the feeding experience has been this time around.  I take nothing for granted, knowing what a struggle it was with Clara and still find myself surprised and shocked at the beauty of the ordinary.  Here's to bottles!

And just for bonus, a shot of Robert with both of his girls before church on Father's Day.

1 comment:

  1. Quite a few posts to catch up on today. Love watching your girls grow more beautiful with each of them. What a joy! You and Robert are truly blessed.


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