July 5, 2014

First Trip to Beech

We hadn't made a lot of firm summer plans before Eloise was born, in part because I couldn't bring myself to really believe that we'd be skipping the many weeks in the NICU part and bringing a baby straight home and in part because I just didn't know what kind of baby she would be and whether travel would really be an option.  Lucky for us, she's the best kind of baby and there was no NICU for us.  So, we started planning a few little long weekend trips here and there.  The first one though was to Beech Mountain.  It was Clara's first trip away from home too and so it was fitting that Eloise also travel there for her first road trip.  She slept the whole car ride (well, really, the whole weekend, let's be honest) and we enjoyed some much cooler temperatures and beautiful sunsets.  I have a few random photos from the weekend which honestly don't look much different from our lives at home, but it was still nice to have a change of scenery while nursing, burping and rocking this bundle of love.

Mountain breakfast...

 Hiking with Daddy. Clara is taking it very seriously.

 These are the first on-camera smiles I got of Eloise. Melt.

 Sisters loving on each other, away from home.

 Family shot on the porch, watching the sunset (me in my PJs; don't judge)

She traveled so well, I think we'll do it again!

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