April 3, 2014

(Robert's) Birthday at Beech

For Robert's birthday this year, we went to Beech Mountain with a couple of his Elberton buddies and their lovely wives (and kiddo).  It was a beautiful weekend and we had lots of fun being together.  Daniel and Lauren's little boy, James, was adorable and he and Clara played really well together.  It may have been for Robert's birthday, but I think everyone had a great time!  Here are a few of the photos from our weekend to prove it.

Clara and James both preparing to be big siblings!

 Somebody got some new boots to go check out the sledding hill.

And a series of (mostly) silly staged photos in front of Fred's.

Enjoying happy hour on the back deck...

A walk down to the creek and tire swing...


And in case you've forgotten, this girl loves her doggy.

And I love them.

** Sidenote: A big congrats to Daniel and Lauren who welcomed James' little sister into the world today!  We can't wait to meet you, Emory, and introduce you to Clara's little sister soon! :)

1 comment:

  1. Chrissy....
    Is that cake vanilla with white frosting?! I want some!! ;)
    I love, love, love all of your pictures!! Especially those last two!! The way Clara embraces your canine? My two-year old niece, "Amethyst", does the same with Rose!! ;-D
    Congrats to Daniel Lauren AND James!! Congrats. ;)
    Love you later, Raelyn


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