April 9, 2014

Lazy 5 Ranch

In the weeks before Clara becomes a big sister, I had high hopes of making sure we made a few extra special memories of fun outings with just her.  We got a few in and I'm glad we did because now that I'm six weeks out, I've been on and off some partial bed rest and probably don't have the energy or stamina to handle any more big day trips like this one.  Hopefully little sister will be a trooper and we can resume some fun like this later this summer while she rides along in a stroller or baby carrier.

On one of the first nice spring days in March we decided to finally go visit Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville.  We had made plans a few other times to go and had to cancel for weather.  It was great to finally see all these cool animals so up close.  We did the wagon ride through the ranch and got to feed lots of different animals straight from our hands and then walked through the small petting zoo area where we got to see even more. One of the highlights were the camels -- Clara has been wanting to see a camel since we started talking about the Christmas story. The NC Zoo doesn't have one and she got RSV and missed out on the live nativities.  At last, we saw real live camels (and I can truthfully report that they are rather disgusting) - even a baby one!  It was also really fun to be eye-to-eye with the giraffes.  Aren't they just amazing creatures?!

Here are some photos to remind us of such a fun day together!  And if you're local and haven't been to Mooresville yet to visit Lazy 5 Ranch, it's well worth your time!


  1. Chrissy....
    You got to feed animals by hand?! Awesome!! ;)
    I love Zebras!! Did you know that each stripe pattern is unique? As though the Master Artist Himself, God, painted them on!! With His own Fingers!! I love how God is a God of detail!! ;-D
    "Please do not put your hands inside the fence", says their sign. Somebody broke that rule!! To quote Jesse from "Full House". "Loving it. Loving it!"!! ;)
    What a fun day!! ;-D
    Love you later, Raelyn

  2. What a fun place ... and one we never outgrow. So glad you got to experience it with your little girl before she becomes the BIG girl. Can't wait to hear news of her baby sister. Take special care of you. Happy Easter greetings to all of you .... hope to see pictures of Miss Clara in her Easter bonnet.

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