April 9, 2011

Saturday Update

So far today we haven't had the same big moves that we've seen in the last 48 hours, but we also haven't seen anything to make us terribly worried. Here's where we are today:

Clara's diuresis has gone so well over the last couple of days that her blood volume was actually getting a little low, which causes problems with the ECMO pump. She also has a big gas bubble in her stomach that has been causing her some discomfort, so she's been pretty squirmy, which can also cause pump issues. 

So, for now, they've given her some blood products to up the volume, and they're discontinuing the Lasix so that her volume can stabilize and the pump issues can settle down. They are also trying to suction out her stomach gas a little to relieve some of that pressure.  We hope to be able to start diuresing her again soon, but the doctors tell us that Clara will let us know when she is ready.

Her chest x-ray from this morning still looks about like it did yesterday, and they haven't done another heart ultrasound since last night, which looked maybe a smidge better than the one from yesterday morning. However, now that diuresis is kind of on pause, we may see more fluid build up around Clara's lungs and some of her capacity and inflation decrease again. We won't know until we see how she handles it.

Dr. Pranikoff, one of the three pediatric surgeons, just stepped in and let us know that he feels OK about where she is right now, and didn't seem to be too worried that today is stable, instead of improving by leaps and bounds.

So here's what to pray for today:
-that her pump flow issues will resolve quickly and we can stop freaking out when we hear it beep and shut off for a moment.
-that she will be able tostart back on Lasix soon, so that she can continue to get rid of fluid and open up her lungs more.
-that any fluid that builds up while she is off lasix would occur somewhere other than her lungs.
-that her pulmonary hypertension would continue to improve, or at least not regress; we want to hold on to the progress we've made since Wednesday.

Keep praying, friends. Continue the chorus of prayers to God's ears to perform a miracle in Clara's life.

Talitha koum! (Little girl, get up!)



  1. We love you and are praying for comfort and peace. I keep thinking...."OK, Clara is a baby, so she will take these baby steps."

    We remain forever prayerful and excited she is stable. Thank you for specifics on what to pray for. You are always in our hearts!

    Love you all,
    Nicole Jones

  2. Cheryl Sharpley, Los Altos, CAApril 9, 2011 at 2:03 PM

    Continuing to petition God for Clara's healing!

  3. Thank you for the Saturday update! I am so happy to hear that Clara Mae is holding her own. I really believe she is just resting because God is getting ready to do something big! I will also pray that you two get renewed energy and stamina for the days ahead! Rest and take care of yourselves so that you can continue to give Clara all of you! Love to your sweet, sweet family.

  4. So glad to hear the update. She is everyone's little sweet heart and we will keep praying for improvement.
    Annette and Randy

  5. Glad Clara is doing well! It is great to hear that she is even making a little improvement. God is truly working to save Clara.
    God Bless, The Welsh Family

  6. Wanted you to know that I asked my son - who's almost three - to include Clara in our "God Bless..." list tonight. I said she was a very sick little baby who was trying really hard to get better. Fervent prayers continuing your way.
    - A friend of the Razza's (Rooting for Ramsey)
    Greensburg PA

  7. Oh, beautiful baby Clara, I am proud of you! We will continue to pray for the fluid to "recede." I like it when doctors smile! Baby steps, baby steps. . .keep it up!
    Joanne and the rest of the Buckner's

  8. As I ride to church this morning, I will be singing "Praise GOD From Whom All Blessings Flow" with a deeper meaning than I have ever felt before. Feel the love, baby Clara, and grow strong in it's warmth. We are all wrapping you up in it!

  9. Praying, praying , praying that she will be weaned off ECMO!!! She has come so far, and God is doing an amazing work in her and those who read her story!
    Kelly Parkins

  10. Did you hear me? I just drove by Baptist Hospital cheering "Go, Clara, Go! Go, Clara, Go!" Then I realized my windows were open and the people in the next car no doubt thought I was a little crazy! Praying and cheering with you and for you . . .

  11. Many of us in Greenville, NC are praying for Clara, her family and her medical staff. We will continue to raise all of you in prayer and will continue to ask for God's blessings upon each of you. God is amazing! Clara is beautiful! She is such a special gift! Kathryn Slocumb Carroll


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