April 30, 2011

A Brief Update

Sigh. I (Robert) just typed out a blog post and clicked "publish," and it gave me an error message and told me to try again. Ho hum. It's late, we're tired, so I apologize, but you're going to get a very abbreviated version. We'll elaborate later on.

-We got to hold Clara some more today. She did OK, but not quite as good as she did yesterday. She's working pretty hard to breathe still, but doesn't look uncomfortable or worn out, so we're hoping that she gets over that without incident.
-Chest Xray was a little hazier today, so they're increasing her lasix a bit to try and squeeze those last bits of extra fluid out of Clara.
-Clara got to hang out with all four of her grandparents today! Clara's Mama K and Daddy Bob (Hardy) drove up from Georgia early this morning to see (and hear!) their grandbaby. We wanted so badly for them and her Big Daddy and Sweet Mama (Davis) to be able to hold her, but since she wasn't doing quite as stellar with being held, it wasn't in the cards for today. Don't worry, I get the feeling they're going to more than make up for it when she's ready.
-Chrissy's birthday was today! So happy she got her birthday wish to hold Clara, because she deserves it. She's awesome. What a great mother. What a great wife. Clara, you and I hit the jackpot, baby!

We took lots of pictures today, but they take forever to upload and it's late. But I WILL leave you with a couple of videos from yesterday that finally finished uploading in the wee hours of the morning:

The first is the anticlimactic extubation from yesterday:

And the second is a tear-jerker; Mommy holding Clara for the first time!

OK, have a wonderful night everyone. We love you and are eternally grateful for all of your prayers and encouragement. Continue to praise God for the ongoing miracle he is performing in our daughter's life.



  1. A crying baby has never sounded sweeter! Thank you Chrissy & Robert for sharing these precious moments with us. Remember when you said you didn't know how to thank all of us? I think you just did! :)

  2. Beautiful video of Chrissy holding Clara. Made me cry! So happy for both of you and continuing to pray for little Clara. Lots of love! Julie McAvoy Hover

  3. I just love all the video. I watch them several times. Such precious moments. Thanks be to God for so many many things.

  4. A sweet, yet tiring day for the Hardy's! Prayers answered, again!
    Happy birthday Chrissy!

  5. Too many tears to see how to type ... too much happiness to not try. No words can express the joy in my heart. Thanks for this beautiful moment that you chose to share. I will forever more BELIEVE in miracles!

  6. Wonderful! Happy Birthday, Chrissy!

  7. Miricles are amazing! Happy birthday to Chrissy and lots of blessings on Clara! I watch the videos over and over and I feel like I am right there holding Clara too! What a sweet sound it is to hear her little baby cries and what a blessing that you got to hold Clara! Love and blessings, the Welsh fam

  8. What a beautiful baby and happy mommy. You guys made me cry. I continue to pray for you all. Thank-you for sharing your blessings and
    miracle baby with us all

  9. Thank you, thank you for sharing the sweet video!
    Praying for your family each day!

  10. Susan Goins-EpleeMay 1, 2011 at 9:43 PM

    Happy Birthday Chrissy! I remember the day well! I follow Clara every day and never forget to remember you all! Love, Susan Goins-Eplee

  11. What a beautiful sight!

  12. Awesome! Praise God! I'm so happy and thankful for you all.


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