June 3, 2015

'Twas The Night Before Surgery

Hey folks.  I'm pretty wiped and I still have packing and charging and gathering to do, so I'm going to make this pretty brief and hope to get into bed before too long.  Many thanks to all of you for your continued love and prayers and expressions of support and encouragement.  Just like four years ago, we are humbled and touched more than we can say by community.

I told Clara about the surgery this afternoon and she took it really well.  She's brave and courageous and she is not afraid.  Her first question for me was, "Before I go to sleep and they start the surgery, can I see the tools that they will use to cut me?"  Bless her.

The time has been pushed back a little, which I'm actually quite thankful for.  We will check in at 7:30AM and are scheduled to begin at 8:30.  We're planning on the surgery lasting about four hours.  Then she'll be in recovery for several hours before we get to a room.  Several folks have asked about visiting.  We may get there in a few days, but until we see how she's done and get a sense of pain management for her, no visitors please.  I will update as much as I am able throughout the day on the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TheHardyLife), so feel free to check there for the latest news.

Today, I tried really hard to say yes as much as possible to whatever Clara wanted to do.  We had a great day.  We had a dance party, she gave herself a makeover, we played school in her treehouse, ate pizza lunch and frozen yogurt with our best friends, went to Target, took a nap, had a tea party with one of my old tea sets, read books, and went out to dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant.  She even got a bonus snack right before bed.  She's picked out a stack of books and some of her favorite pajamas for us to pack for the hospital and she is ready to go.

Keep those prayers coming.  We're deeply thankful.  We know that she has the very best surgeon and an even greater God.  She's in good hands.

Thanks be to God.


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