June 7, 2015


Healing is often a two steps forward, one step back dance and that's how the first part of today felt. Clara woke in very high spirits and eager to get out of bed and play. We made a couple trips to the rooftop playground and enjoyed a very fun visit from Mama K. She played some Hungry Hungry Hippos, got her fingernails painted, read some books, looked at her newest magazine, watched some movies, tried out some parts of the playground, even tentatively went down the slide.  She was still walking a little gingerly, still a little off-balance, but definitely wanting to be more active.  Unfortunately, around lunchtime we lost her IV which was pretty painful in and of itself, but also put her behind on pain meds and unfortunately led to nearly two hours of trying to get another IV placed. There was lots of sticking and digging and tears and pain. I know it was hard for her and the grownups were struggling to keep tears back too. With providential timing, just as we were finishing the IV, she got a special teddy bear and balloon delivery from the gift shop from a dear friend.  Brightened her right up.  Once we got through that trauma, she took a very long nap and woke with the sweetest little disposition. We had a couple of visitors this afternoon which was a good distraction for her. The afternoon and evening were a series of steps and sometimes bounds in the right direction.  She had lots of fun playing with the bubble gun she got as a gift from Ms. Bri, she was out of bed a lot, walking with more confidence.... tonight we even found ourselves saying, "SLOW DOWN!"  She's eating and drinking more and more and I think we will probably ask to try to get that IV out tomorrow morning and see if she'll drink enough to maintain.  She even pooped tonight.  I do not think that home is too far off. 

Thanks for your continued love and prayers.  

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