September 25, 2014

Hardys do High Hampton

In August, the extended Hardy family gathered in the mountains of North Carolina for a weekend reunion.  I've written before about how much I love Robert's family and feel blessed to have married into such a genuinely fun, loving, adventurous, full-of-life bunch of folks.  I'm thankful to have known all of his grandparents (more than I can say for my own!) and to have been welcomed and included in this crowd as if I'd always been there.  It seems to me that, more often that not, once a patriarch or matriarch passes, that family connections start to slowly crumble.  It's a testament to the love of these people, as well as their value of family, that all thirty-some of Robert's aunts, uncles, first cousins and beyond still make it a priority to gather together every year.  I know Daddy Hardy would be proud. 

I did a lousy job of whittling these photos down to a reasonable number for one post, but I'm going to post them all anyways.  I'll try to make up for it by whittling down my words instead. 

Here are Camille and Eloise meeting each other for the first time and checking each other out.  

The threat of rain didn't keep folks from gathering for a giant game of kickball.  I'm not sure that anyone kept score, but The Hardys won.

 (That's Clara, inside the ball bag, being dragged around by Eleanor -- to both girls' delight!)

One of the traditions of High Hampton Inn is to have afternoon tea, so we braved the rain and got all four of these cousins dolled up in their seersucker on Saturday afternoon.

This is one of my favorites.

Here are some potential Mama K Christmas cards, but she said I could post them anyway.

And each night for dinner was a lot of eating, laughing and loving.

 Clara and Eleanor helped to decorate this cake at Mama K Camp the week before.

Thanks be to God.

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