September 6, 2014

Back to School

It's back to school time!   I know that means I still have about a month's worth of blog to catch up on (and maybe now I'll have the time to do it!), but I have to fast forward to these first day of school pictures.  When we saw this bird dress, we knew Clara just had to have it and she sure was precious for her first day.

We had fun the night before picking out flowers and making these cute colored pencil vases for her teachers for a back to school happy.

It's amazing to me the confidence that this girl has gained in a year.  There was not an ounce of trepidation or worry (from her or from her mama... well, maybe a teeny bit of anxiety for me about the car line, but I even mastered that!).  It helped, I know, that she has her same teachers from last year, but she was so excited and eager to return to a preschool she loves.  And I know that she'll learn and grow lots this year and be safe and loved and who could ask for anything more?!

 Her first day's report: "We did NOT paint.  We did play with yellow playdough though.  Graham had TOO MUCH playdough.  We ate animal crackers for snack.  And I played family with McKenzie and Harper and I played with a new friend named Nash.  We went outside and I did not hold Ms. Bri's hand because they told us to just tickle the fence as we walked and then we got to the playground.  The bathroom is not in our room this year; we have to go out in the hallway!  I used some kind words, but I also got mad when [child's name redacted] didn't share and we were grabbing and I yelled.  But next time I will use my loving words....."  And on and on and on.   What a difference a year makes.  (And see why those teachers deserve so much more than just some flowers?!)

Here's to Three Year Old class with Ms. Anissa and Ms. Bri at Clemmons United Methodist Preschool.  I think it'll be a great year!

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