November 12, 2013

August Bookend {Hardy Beach Reunion}

I know I said I was going to do FOUR posts, one for EACH month.  But y'all should know that I can't pare down my photos or words to make that reasonable.  So I'm going to bookend the random August events with the two big beach trips that happened at the beginning and at the end.

We kicked off August at Figure Eight Island with three houses full of Hardys.  You've heard me say before, but it bears repeating, that Robert comes from good stock.  I love his family dearly and am thankful to have married in to such a wild, fun, faithful, loving and generous group of people.  Actually, this probably sums them us up the best.

It was a such a fun time of togetherness and memories and laughter and I'll treasure these photos that remind us of one of God's greatest gifts to us.  (Family, that is.  The beach is up there, though...)

These are the views from Robert's cousins' backyard in Wilmington.  Ain't too shabby, huh?

Here's the whole crowd.  Daddy Hardy would be busting with pride.

Loved this tribute to the patriarch and matriarch of this family, Grandmother and Daddy Hardy.

When we weren't eating, there was plenty of boating and beach time too...



Beachside naps...

 I learned to paddleboard (sorta!)

Here's Daddy Bob's paddleboard wipeout (due to a boat's wake, totally not his fault)

And evenings brought us some chill time together inside, more good food, and some sunset views I just couldn't get enough of.

 Daddy Hardy's great grandchildren

We took Eleanor and Clara to the Wilmington Children's Museum one morning and it was a blast!  Such a well-done children's museum!

And to finish up, just a quick photo shoot of this little girl in her itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini.

And a few without it.  Just because... there's not much cuter than a naked baby on an empty beach.

Are you worn out yet?  These girls are.

Thanks Be To God.


  1. The pictures of Clara on the dock during sunset are STUNNING! So cool that you are documenting her childhood/life in such a beautiful way!

  2. I still remember what this baby went through and I am still so thankful to see her so happy and growing up. To GOD be the glory ! Thanks for the pictures, she's absolutely beautiful.

  3. Chrissy....
    The pictures of Clara on that boardwalk make me happy!! She has a killer smile!! Loving it. Loving it!! ;)
    "And to finish up, just a quick photo shoot of this little girl in her itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini.". You!! Now the song is stuck in my head!! ;-D
    I see Clara's beautiful CDH scar!! Mine--on the right side--is lower than hers I think!! ;)


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