November 13, 2013

August Bookend {8 Adults + 8 Children + Ocean Isle}

My memories of the beach growing up were always going with another family and having tons of fun playing with all the other kids and watching the grownups have lots of fun with each other too.  It's one of the sweetest and most precious memories of my childhood and one that I hope we'll be able to recreate some for Clara.  When our dear friends the Davis family moved to Illinois early in the year, we started planning a reunion for this summer. Labor Day weekend four families, eight adults, and eight children (under the age of 7) descended on Ocean Isle Beach.  It was pure and total chaos, joy, noise, love, food, messes, laughter, good talks, wine, swimming, naps, coffee, and FUN.  These photos are in absolutely no particular order, but show some of the sweet memories we made.  Didn't seem to get any of the swimming pool, but we had a grand time splashing around in that, too.  


Some children can handle walking down to the beach in their clothes and understand that it's important to stay out of the water without bathing suits on....

 (Others can't.)

What a perfect Labor Day and end of summer.  Thankful for these friends, their kiddos, and all the fun we had together!


  1. I was on a conference call at work perusing this most recent Clara-update when I came to the "nekked beach picture" and BUSTED out laughing! As a mom of a 2-year-old...I get it...and I love it!!

  2. Chrissy....
    Fun!! ;)
    Now I am all caught up!! ;-D

  3. Long time no see or hear but glad to see a thriving Clara Mae. Life is for the living and she is definitely doing just that! Thanks for sharing her. How could she be in play school already? I know she will steal her teacher"s heart! YOU sure did mine!!!!! :)


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