August 28, 2013

Milkin' With Farmer Tom

Sometime this spring, Clara got into her head that she was "gonna milk a cow" and we heard about it approximately a dozen times a day.  Now, I'm a city girl at heart and I don't really know anyone with a cow, so I was not quite sure how to make this dream come true. Gathering eggs, we took care of.  Picking strawberries, I could manage. But I did not know where I would find a dairy cow.  I should have known that Mama K would be able to help us out when we were down in Georgia.  Her friends, the McCalls, were sweet enough to let us come spend a morning on their farm, milk Daisy the cow, feed the goats, sit on the super cool vintage tractor, and visit their pigs and more!  Thank you guys so much for this awesome learning opportunity.  Clara is still talking about it two months later!

Thanks for a great day down on the farm.  Here's the fresh-milk-on-the-lips-grin to prove what fun it was!

1 comment:

  1. Chrissy....
    Wow!! I milked a cow once!! On one of our many Home School field trips!! At least, I think I milked a cow!! Mom forgot to snap any pictures!! Whoops. ;)


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