August 27, 2013

Goodbyes Are Hard

I know that this day in age folks are more likely to move around than they once were.  You have to go where the jobs are and that just means not living in the same community for 50 years for many.  But in the past year we've had to say goodbye to more than our fair share of dear friends and it's been like saying goodbye to little chunks of our hearts one at a time.  I'm thankful for the opportunities to build and create deep, strong, beautiful community at this stage in life; it's certainly not as easy as it was in college when you lived, ate, studied, partied, breathed, cried, slept, and learned alongside your friends nearly every moment of the day.  And while these moves are wonderful, exciting opportunities and we're supportive and joyous for our friends, it doesn't change the fact that goodbyes are hard.

We miss you already Travises (and Whaleys, and Davises.... enough already people).

But for your friendship....

Thanks Be To God.

1 comment:

  1. Chrissy....
    I can't but agree. Goodbyes are hard. I just had to bid some sweet friends farewell--kids at our church, "short people"--because their families left for a new congregation. We would run around and play downstairs in between services. Last Sunday was my first sans "my" kids. I wandered downstairs for a drink of water and.... It was way too quiet!! I feel lost now without "my" kids!! And, one of our church leaders could tell. ;)


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