March 20, 2013

Spring Tea Party

There are at least five or six posts between where I last left off and today, and I will hope to catch up on those at some point, but in the meantime, I'm just fast forwarding.

What better way to kick off my favorite season than with a girly tea party?  Clara got dressed right away and started practicing before our tea party guests ever even arrived.  Please check out these gloves.

She's a little under the weather, so we don't have the usual sparkly eyes, but aren't these two ladies as pretty as princesses?

I'm not a normally a huge fan of scones, but the ones that Aunt Wendi made for our tea party were to. die. for. I will admit that I was not that sad when Clara didn't finish hers and I had to take one for the team....

Whew.... that tea party was exhausting!!  Time for a buddy nap....


  1. What a blessing to see this girl so happy and to know how happy it makes her momma to love on her! Savoring the moments. -Rebecca Smith

  2. I can still remember the tea parties with my play tea set and giggly friends ... oh what happy memories you are creating for your precious little princess. So many of mine included my sweet grandmother, too, .... lucky and blessed is little Miss Clara Mae Hardy!

  3. Chrissy....
    A tea party!! Fun!! ;)
    Hey!! Spring is my favorite season, too!! And. I imagine now with cold and flu season finally nearing an end, you love Spring all the more!! ;-D
    Those gloves!! I love them!! ;)
    That last picture is adorable!! ;-D

  4. Happy Birthday, Clara.


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