March 30, 2013

Go Deacs

Some of you may still be enjoying basketball season, but ours is over.  Long over.  Thanks, Bzdelik.  We were lucky enough to get to a couple of games this year though and I've got some super cute photos to show for it!  

The highlight of the game was the stairs...  up and down and up and down......

The first game we went to I brought a few snacks for Clara, but they were apparently not adequate.  So, she walked over to some total strangers sitting beside us and started helping herself to their popcorn.  Before long she climbed right up in their laps and spent the rest of the game snuggling up and sharing their popcorn.  Thanks, new friends!!

 Before we left, we got to meet the Deacon...

All the fun of that game resulted in a three and a half hour nap!

 The next game we got wise and bought her her own popcorn...

This game was so exhausting that she fell asleep before it was even over!  

(Thanks, Aunt Johnna for these photos!)

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  1. So-ooooo glad that I finally got to meet and hold Miss Clara Mae there. What a happy moment! Thanks for taking the time to say hello. Much love to a former kinderbear and her cub :).


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