August 13, 2012

Wilmington/Southport Mini-Trip

We took another short little mini-trip to Wilmington a couple of weeks ago to visit some of Robert's cousins and spend a little time on the coast.  I only took cell phone photos, so excuse the poor quality, but it's better than nothing!  

Clara got to go on her first boat ride!  And no, she didn't really share a beer with her daddy. 

We anchored on a little beach and Clara climbed dunes and explored tidal pools with her daddy.

So many fun things to see!

We took a day trip to Southport where Clara enjoyed wandering the streets, eating lunch at Waterfront park, visiting a few museums and stopping to play on a playground.

On the way back to Wilmington, she crashed hard.

And got in enough a nap to be ready to hit the beach that afternoon.

Sleeping soundly in her pack and play. What a great last hurrah!

Thanks for having us Wilmington Hardys!!

1 comment:

  1. So much to see, so much to do .... wow, Clara, isn't this thing called LIFE grand?????? We love seeing it through your eyes, sweet baby. Here's to all that is ahead for you!


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